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This is a 3D Printing concept and Work in Progress using the X3DOM Javascript library to display the model on a webpage. More information about the print below.

The usual 3D keyboard and mouse controls apply to move the object around. Is also mobile compatible, which is a very nice bonus.

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Credit / More Information

x3dom: https://www.x3dom.org

Original Concept: Digital Sundial by Mojoptix

Designed with: 123D Design by Andrew Gregory.

This is very much a Concept and Work in Progress. I have not, as yet, printed this 13 hour print so can not confirm if it works at this time. After seeing the digital sundial I started wondering if it would be possible to create an animation based on the movement of the sun, therefore the bubbles.

This is my first draft. After loading in Cura it does require internal supports, luckily these are all along the lines that make up the pint glass and should be removable, I have made them as flimsy as I possibly can.

The animated GIF shows the current three stages of rotation in 123D Design making use of the built in lighting to emulate the sun.

The three sets of images are offset by 20 degress, I just randomly picked a value after researching sundial angles, I would like to explore the idea of making the sundial a full cylinder to support more hours of the day. One step at a time though, let's see if this works or melts into a useless lump of wasted PLA..

As with most concepts I do expect complete failure on the first print, fingers crossed though. As as side note my Wife tutted and then asked 'Couldn't you come up with something more original than beer ?'. 'Well, No Dear, with four kids Beer is an integral part of my sanity'. I will try something else though, maybe a flower :)

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